Burial Options

Are you a current plot owner? Do you wish to purchase one or more plots? Do you need to discuss planning ahead or pre-plan a site for yourself or a loved one? Do you wish to sell an existing plot to another family in order to help them keep loved ones together? Do you have an unusual request? No matter what your need, Wilmington & Brandywine Cemetery is here to help. We make every effort to accommodate your burial wishes and budget. Our options include:


Working with your funeral director, or with you and/or your family, we will undertake all the necessary steps to ensure that you or your loved one, in a traditional casket, is interred with the greatest possible speed, respect and dignity. If you have already made arrangements with a local funeral home, please provide us with full details, so that we may be ready to accommodate your interment needs.


Wilmington Brandywine Cemetery tries to accommodate the final wishes of the individuals and the families who wish to be cremated–with some, or all, of their ashes to be interred here. If your wishes for yourself or your loved one are to be cremated, please tell us. Up to three cremations per traditional burial plot may be accommodated. Furthermore, cremation niches in the columbarium, equipped with mortuary fridge, are available. Each niche is designed to hold two urns, offering a permanent and public location for your loved ones’ remains. It’s important to note that cremations are arranged by your chosen funeral home rather than the cemetery itself.


Green, or environmentally responsible interment is becoming increasingly popular as more people consider the environmental impact of death.  Please talk with us, or your funeral home about urns made of organic, degradable materials, such as wood.

Contact Us to discus how we can help with your planning.