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Wilmington Brandywine Cemetery is open to visitors daily from 8am to 5pm.

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Rules and regulations

No artificial flowers are permitted between March 15th and November 1st. The cemetery reserves the right to remove all artificial flowers during this period.


Wreaths, baskets, crosses, etc. may be placed 3 days prior to a holiday and will be removed approximately 10 days after the holiday.

Artificial flowers, wreaths, mounds, baskets and other decorations are permitted between November 1st and March 15th.

All decorations will be removed when they become unsightly. Cut flowers and potted live plants are permitted any time.

The general intent of these and other regulations is to maintain the cemetery in the best possible condition. The cemetery association, therefore, reserves itself the right not only to prohibit placement of any items but also the right to remove any items that are damaged, unsightly or at variance with cemetery regulations.

The cemetery is not responsible for any items placed on cemetery property.