Grave Prices

Grave sites: $1,950 each
Each grave site may be used for 1 regular interment and 2 cremations; or 3 cremations.
A grave site may include 1 Upright Marker with up to 2 Flat Markers; or 3 Flat Markers.
Note: there is a $500 transfer fee when purchasing a grave from someone else.

Foundation Fee: $1.00 per square inch.

Columbarium (Cremation niche): $1,950 each niche
Each niche may be used for 2 urns (cremations).

Interment Prices

6 foot Interment: $2,060

8 foot interment: $2,460
8 foot must be approved by current grave digger and Cemetery Management. We do not  guarantee an 8 foot interments in all locations.

Infants (Up to 36”) $700

Tent, greens, lowering device and chairs are included in above prices

Gravesite interment: $950
Includes concrete burial vault

Green Gravesite interment: $650

Columbarium: $100 opening fee
Additional $200 to $395 lettering fee.

Tent, greens, and chairs are an extra charge for cremation interments.

Interment Hours
Monday through Friday 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM.
Saturday 9:30 AM – 12:00 Noon
No services on Sundays or Holidays.

Extra Charge Saturday:
$390 (9:30 am – Noon)
$100 additional (12:01 pm – 3 pm)

Overtime Fee: $200.00 per hour